I seem to have developed a reoccurring problem in my foot, the symptoms are very similar to gout. Essentially I feel oncoming pain that seems to build over the course of a day or so, and then one day when I wake up, I can’t walk. I mean literally can not put any pressure on my foot at all.

Some background, gout is a type of arthritis which attacks joints, uric acid crystallises in the blood leading to intense pain. It is diet related but not related to age, although men are more likely to get it than women.

The first occurrence happened in July, and I was non-mobile for 2 days, on the third day it began to ease, and by the 4th or 5th day it had disappeared like it was never there. Since then it has happened every 2-4 weeks with identical symptoms.

When the pain isn’t there, I could be running a 5km or cycling for an hour, when the pain is there I can not walk to the toilet unaided. The ‘attacks’ seem to be getting more frequent. I have been to the doctor a few times, and I don’t exhibit all the symptoms of gout, for example the pain is on the outside of my foot, normally gout attacks the big toe area. Secondly my foot is not inflamed, or red, or painful to the touch, which are all tell-tale symptoms of gout.

I have had an Uric Acid test, and my figure was above 500. This is the marker for gout, the normal range is 200-400. However the doctors have not been too keen to progress the diagnosis, generally telling to take ibuprofen, and come back if it reoccurs (and the cycle continues). Today I had my second Uric Acid test, and hopefully will get a result in a day or two.

I have spoken to some people who have had gout, and my experiences seem similar to theirs in the early days. A common cause for Gout is diet, lots of red meats, and alcohol contribute to it, but looking at the list of ‘bad-foods and drinks’; I have none of them.

The most attack, which hit last week, was on the right foot. All subsequent attacks have been on the left foot. This effectively rules out injuries like a stress fracture (unless I have two symmetrical stress fractures)

Results should be back in a day or so.