I have had my Vivoactive 3 Music for a week now and keen to try out this new fangled ‘Garmin Pay’. Garmin Pay is a contactless technology that works without a mobile phone – you essentially link it to a credit card and then you can tap where you see the below sign (up to the value of £30):



Garmin Pay is not as established as Apple Pay and the number of supporting banks in the UK is woeful – the full list is below:


With the exception of Santander – I had never heard of any of the others before. I started Googling them in turn, and the one that piqued my curiosity is Starling Bank.

Starling Bank is an ‘Online-only’ banking service – it prides itself on setting up an account within 3 minutes that you manage via your phone.


Seems a little too good to be true. After setup, it claims to send you a contactless Mastercard Debit Card within a few days. Most standard banking in the UK is free and I couldn’t find any information on charges so assuming it’s free.

I like the idea of a separate account that my Garmin Pay is tied to, this allows me to test it for a few months and only load a small amount of cash – in case it’s not as secure as I first thought. My liability would be limited to the amount I load onto the card.


Getting the App and registration.

I obtained the App via a link from their website which directed me to the Google Playstore.


Going through the registration it really did take a couple of minutes, It required me to take a short video slightly embarrassing and also had to take a photo of driving license. The card should be with me within a week.