Given I hadn’t been having a great time of late with my running, I wanted to resume my interval/speed work. Below is how I calculated what pace I should be aiming to run:

Warning: dodgy maths below

  • A recent 5k I did where I felt I pushed was done in 35 minutes flat.
  • This works out to 11:15 minutes per mile.
  • 11:15 minutes per mile works out to 675 seconds per mile.
  • I took a figure I plucked out of the air of about 20% faster.
  • 20% of 675 is 135. Take this away from the original figure is 540.
  • 540 seconds back into minutes per mile is 9-minute mile

I would, therefore, do the speed element of my session at 9-minute mile.

My plan was as follows:

  • 0.5-1 mile warmup
  • 400 metres at speed pace (9:00 min mile)
  • 400 metres recovery – no pace target, walk/jog
  • Repeat x4
  • 0.5-1 mile cooldown

This really is just for interval novices like myself. Most faster runners either do more repeats or have shorter recoveries. But everyone has to start somewhere.

Incidentally, it went well – my splits (for the faster bits were)

  • 09:39
  • 08:32
  • 08:56
  • 09:01

I am happy with the above. I am going to repeat it a few times