A bad month, decimated with Asthma and Injury. Headline figures below:

7 runs (36 miles) down 4 runs and 20 miles

3 cycle rides (15 miles) down 30 miles

2 swims (1200 yards) down 1 swim and up 1.5 miles



The start of the month was hindered with my Asthma flare-up. While I was still doing the running miles I was having to back off considerably in terms of effort. I completed the Perkins Half Marathon marathon in my slowest time but consoled myself in saying that I will keep up the mileage.

I did one more long run of 10 miles before succumbing to injury which has wiped out 3 weeks of all activities. Awful 😦

On the plus side, the asthma flare-up has ‘flared-down’ so it’s just a case of getting my ankle right and then getting back into it.

Cycling and Swimming has been pretty much non-existent in the lead up to the Half – all in all a bad month



2-3 weeks lost due to Ankle Injury from landing badly at Run Club



1. Completed the Half Marathon comfortably.




  1. Slowly come back from injury