Maybe it’s a little negative, but it feels like I am always hitting the wall with time. I am 5 weeks away from the Peterborough Half Marathon and I am up to 7 miles. I haven’t had any races for a few months and have had plenty of time to prepare and up my mileage and yet I find myself in the same situation as I always do – trying to cram in the miles before the race.

My aspiration of being able to go for a PB always seems a distant possibility and I can’t think why. Yes I have some injuries, Yes life has got in the way but ultimately I must take responsibility.

I am confident that I can under 2:30 which is my marker for a poor-ish half, but I want 2:15 not 2:30. I want to feel like I am improving or at least not getting worse.

Sigh, maybe I will be in better shape for the Cambridge Half.