Decent recovery with injury. Headline figures below:

12 runs (43 miles) up 5 runs and 15 miles

4 cycle rides (66 miles) down 1 ride but up 1 miles 

1 swims (938 yds) down 3 swims of swims and 2500 yards! 



The recovery from Injury hasn’t been fun but feel that finally making progress.

The ankle, whilst I can feel it during runs hasn’t caused a huge amount of bother. It becomes sore towards the end of the training week and recovers well during the off days.

In terms of running I was chuffed that I was able to get back to 10km – albeit in 66 minutes rather than the 60-ish before the injury. A 10% loss in pace seems about right. I have been doing lots of shorter runs and now need to start picking up more.

Cycling highlight was achieving (rather painfully) the 40 mile cycle Sportive and finally making the jump to Clipless pedals. It was nice to start doing events rather than constantly DNS’ing. Speed seems reasonable too.

Swimming was the victim – I haven’t done any open water swims and only 1 indoor swim as I focused on running.





Recovery from Ankle injury – downgraded to ‘niggle’



1. Completing a 10km

2. A 40 Mile Sportive – my furthest yet

3. Making the leap to clipless SPD (and subsequent fail)



  1. Holiday time is coming up – so plan is to just do what I can – ideally get some more runs in as that’s my focus