Warning: Nagging Post Alert

After my post about Bletchley Leisure raising their swim prices from £3.75 to £5.25 for a swim, followed by my fruitless ding-dong match with their manager about the outrageousness (not sure if a word but should be) of such a big hike left a bitter taste in the mouth.

To be fair Bletchley was started to grate on me, it’s a big pool but so often I would turn up at the same time every week and the lanes had been shrunk or moved. I may sound like an old man but all I want to do is swim a few lengths – and leave. I am not too keen on trying to avoid diving kids or people with poor lane discipline.

Today I went to Middleton Pool and Fitness, a tiny place compared to the Bletchley one but one with a 33 metre pool. A couple of others and myself went to try it out.

First of all, when walking in there are 3 lanes. Slow, Medium, Fast. Each lane is actually 2 lanes. No more sardine-squished lanes. There is enough space to overtake if you want. No kids, and warm water.

I am in heaven. I love this pool. This was the fist swim in a number of weeks, and I managed 850 metres in about 30 minutes. Happy with that. Was lovely getting into a pool again. As much as Open Water sounds ‘cool’ it’s not as nice as a pool.

I am on my way to smashing Adam Peaty’s World Record.