“Ouch! it hurts”

Yesterday was my 2nd Sportive, my previous one having been the Startline Rutland Sportive which you can read about here.

I was keen to stop missing races that I entered, apart from the financial aspect – it is nice to get back to ‘normal’.

This race started from Hose a town near Melton in Leicestershire. It is approx 50 minutes away from my house which meant an early start. This wasn’t helped by staying up until midnight watching the Boxing. Desperately trying to shovel some food in before having to leave. The roads are quiet on Sunday and I arrived at 07:45.

I collected my number and got the bike ready. I had stepped down from the 60-mile route to the 40-mile route. Both routes started together before splitting at approx 35 miles. There seemed to be more people here the last one.

Being by myself I didn’t really feel confident enough to start talking to strangers, so I just hovered alone (Joey style).

Last time I got lost. This time I had bought myself a Cycle Sat Nav which I had loaded up with the route. We were released 10 at a time, and at 08:48 I was released.

I haven’t had a lot of cycling in my legs so I was a little wary and hovered around the 15 mph mark. I don’t go much faster and within 10 minutes I was at the back of my group who disappeared into the horizon.

The route seemed hillier and windier than last time. That being said I got to 10-15 miles and felt pretty good. Last time there was a break stop approx 20 miles in. Exactly half way for the Short Course. This time the break point was 30 miles in. Which for me is approx 2 hours of cycling before getting a break.

I felt good up until about 15-20 miles when I started to tire badly. I had to stop a couple of times because my backside was in agony. Not a great phrase but I don’t spend this long in the saddle and it was uncomfortable. It was hot too, I had two layers on and this was definitely one-layer day.

The route was relatively traffic free and the arrows were all present this time. My Sat Nav was beeping at me to alert me of an upcoming turn. This worked faultlessly, unfortunately, my watch didn’t … I forgot to start the watch until half way round.

The ‘cake-stop’ was good with tea, coffee, flapjacks, bananas, and drinks. I didn’t hang around much. By this point, I wasn’t enjoying it and I wanted it to be over.

The last few miles were awful, my speed had all gone. I was walking up every hill and there was no one in sight. I followed my cycle computer back and contemplated just stopping and giving up many times.

I made it back. I could have laid on the grass and fallen asleep – instead, I stretched out, grabbed a tea and left.  The final stats were not too bad.


The rest of the day I enjoyed nothing seized up. But this morning, my quads are so sore. Sitting down (squat movement) is agony. I don’t think I am injured, just very sore. Sore and proud.