After having a pretty poor run in the past few weeks with illness and injury – and missing two races in the process – I am looking forward to actually getting to the start line and taking part.

When I say looking forward to, it’s a 5.30am start on a Sunday (!) but I am still looking forward to it.

I was originally entered for the ~60-mile route – when I had booked this I had expected to have finished the London to Brighton – as I haven’t had that level of distance I have dropped down to the ~40-mile route.


Now 40 miles is small fry in the world of Cycling, but it represents my longest ride. Having covered a grand distance of 12 miles in the past 6 weeks. I think it will be a challenge.

This is a small event, only about 40 people have entered the 40-mile route, most electing (300+) for the 60-mile route.

One that I am eagerly looking forward to. This time I have a GPS computer with the track loaded up to:

  • a. Look Pro
  • b. Not get lost like last time


Flame on!