Decimated with injury. Headline figures below:

7 runs (28 miles) down 4 runs and 16 miles

5 cycle rides (75 miles) down 2 rides and 10 miles 

4 swims (3400 yds) down 4 swims of swims and 3000 yards! 



There was good progress at the start of the month with very good 10 runs. A few around 61-64 minutes. I was feeling strong and recovery was going well too.

Cycling was also doing well with the miles being increased for London to Brighton – but unfortunately, disaster struck. I hit 15 mph for the hilly route and damaged my ankle. You can laugh at my misfortune here

I took some time off and came back slowly but not slowly enough, my calf seized while Open Water swimming. You can laugh at my misfortune here

I have therefore completed a Triathlon – I have been injured in all three disciplines.

It’s now been 3 weeks of injury – my weight has increased 3-4 pounds and I am generally gutted.  Luckily I am a Liverpool fan and am used to disappointment.




Ankle Injury while cycling

Calf Injury while swimming



1. Fast times at the start of the month


  1. Ease back into training