‘Featured image was taken slightly out of context’ 

Sunday 25th marked another Did Not Start (DNS hence geek joke above). More money down the pan thanks to the Ankle Injury. A few days earlier I had tested it out with a short swim and a real gentle cycle ride into town. I believed that to be the lowest-impact method of testing the ankle and while it didn’t flare up – it was noticeably sore afterwards.

More days rest and thankfully over the weekend it has eased off, which led me to think about going for a 10-15 minute gentle run/jog. Some people think there is no point in going for such a short run but I disagree. A short run limits the potential damage. Especially given the fact that my injury first manifested the day AFTER exercise.

In either case, that 10-15 minute run turned into an easy 5k. The downside obviously being that I was taking more of a risk but the benefit being that I would be running with others and the pace would be more comfortable 12 minute/mile.

The run itself was fine, a nice relaxed pace meant I tried not to concentrate on the ankle but the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating .. and the next morning I am not suffering any ill effects.

It is still not perfect and I will be careful for another week but it’s progress and I’ll hang onto that.