In my last post I described my near-death injury. Over the last few days it has progressively got better. I have kept time on left to a minimum, I have iced and compressed and elevated and ensured I sleep a good nights sleep.

Where I am now is that I have near normal movement in the foot, only the biggest rotation causes pain but I am visibly still walking with an unusual gait. It has been 5 days since last exercise. I doubt I will do anything this week.

Missing the BHF London to Brighton on Sunday was painful – especially given the unseasonably good weather we have been having. But I hope to do it next year (when it’s probably

My plan is to let it heal to the point where it is pain free and I can walk normally before easing myself in with some swims/bike rides/gentle jogs – and then spend the following week taking it very easy.

Hopefully by doing it this way I miss 2-3 weeks and 2-3 months!