“One step forward, two steps back”

After heaping significant self-praise (is better than no-praise) on myself for my faster 10k times and my first 15 mph bike ride. I woke up this morning with my foot in agony.

The top of my left foot is in pain. It hurts to rotate it. It didn’t hurt yesterday before or after my (record-breaking) ride. However, now I can not walk properly. I have called off Run Club tonight and London to Brighton is in danger.


Area of pain


In the past, I have carried on through the pain – but if it is this bad on Sunday I will not take part. Better to take the hit on an event and live to fight another day.

No need to panic, it is what it is, it will take however long it takes to heal. However, the Two Day Rule applies. As this wasn’t a race – if I can not train by the second day my cycling PB will be scratched.