15 mph has always been a stretch target for me for the ‘hilly route’ at work. In particular there is one special hill that I ‘hate’ and a couple of others that I merely ‘strongly-dislike’.

I typically average 13-14 mph and have once hit 14.3 mph on the same route. A couple of guys (who are faster than me) went out with me and although it was a little tough – I looked at my watch at 55 minutes and realised that I had done 14 miles. Another mile in 5 minutes and I would have reached my target.

I tried to put the hammer down but Cavendish I am not and my co-riders rather easily caught up with me. But does it matter? no I feel like a champion.

It’s strange I am sure that the majority of cyclists could do that but that’s missing the point … I have done something that I couldn’t for a long time. Yay me!

Bring on London to Brighton.