I have run once under 60 minutes for the 10k. Once. Increase threshold to 62 minutes and I have done that a half dozen times. Increase it again to 65 minutes and I have dozens of runs at this time.

I am keen to get my time back to around 60 minutes but I have realised that in order to do that I need to comfortably hit 65 minutes, and then push to 62 minutes, and then push to 60 minutes.

In May I unexpectedly got under 62 minutes for 10k. But as was pointed out to me “I hadn’t earned that time”. I just pushed through. The result was some very sore legs for a few days.

At the end of May, I ran 64 minutes twice in two steady runs where recovery was good. Yesterday I went to do another 64-minute run. It went like this:

Target 10:20 per mile.

  • Mile 1: 10:15 A few seconds in the bank
  • Mile 2: 09:59 A little push to get under 10-minute mile
  • Mile 3: 09:49 A little push to get a decent 5k time
  • Mile 4: 09:46 I don’t want to slow down before Mile 5
  • Mile 5: 09:43 This is really hard but only 5 songs to go
  • Mile 6: 09:44 Wouldn’t it be nice to get under 10-minute mile again to prove strength


Best laid plans and all that.  Here is Strava’s opinion on it.




Incidentally, my cadence seems to be increasing. For years it was around the 155-160 mark and now is averaging 165.

Onwards and upwards.