On Sunday I completed my first ever Open Water Sprint Triathlon which you can read all about here

This post deals with how I performed. You see I finished last. Not ‘oh-my-God-they-are-closing-down-the-finish line-last’ but ‘a-few-minute-behind-second-to-last’. Or as I was told DFL (Dead F*ing Last). Now, this was a distinct possibility.

Looking at the results from the previous year I knew I would be near the back but probably not last. As it turned out, the standard this year was higher than last year and the result is … well, I am last.

I have mixed feelings about this. First of all is the ‘shame’ or ‘badge of honour’ of being last and then there is the feeling of judging myself compared to how others (who I have never met) have done. It’s been a few days so I thought I would right down how I feel.

First of all, I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed at all. I did something that most can’t do (typical internet stat there). I swam 750 metres in open water, then cycled for 15 miles and then ran 5k.

Looking at my times I was 5 minutes behind the second-to-last person. Breaking down into the individual elements, the swim and bike I did as well as I could. I probably lost a couple of minutes on the run as I had to walk and again in transition but even with that, I would have finished last.

To be clear, even if I did all the elements to my individual PB levels I would probably have still finished last. There isn’t much more than I can do. However, there is still a pang of sadness/annoyance that I finished last.

Everyone has been very supportive; friends, colleagues, and others who took part in the event.

The one positive is that this shown me that I am not ready for an Olympic Triathlon (even a pool based one)