Positive results really. Further in every area. Headline figures below:

11 runs (44 miles) down 2 runs but up 12 miles

7 cycle rides (75 miles) up 1 ride and up 30 miles 

7 swims (6500 yds) equal number of swims but up 1.6 miles! 



In terms of running, I missed my goal of 60 minutes for the London 10,000 but other than that (major) issue I have ran further and generally feeling more confident with the running.

I am have run a couple of 10k’s averaging 10:30 per mile and I want to get this figure down to 10:00 per mile. Have another 10k later in the month so will see where I can go from here. I will aim for a single 10k each week lowering the time.


Have done more cycling than I had been doing including getting the road bike out for some outside rides. Zwift is good but it does not compare to the real thing. London to Brighton is the next milestone. I think I might not achieve getting up Ditchling Beacon in one go but I will give it a go.


Swimming is going well. Breaststroke is improving and and even front crawl is getting better with a non-stop 400m front crawl. I am now able to do 1000m swim sessions and feel there is more in the tank.



Touch wood. None.



1. London

2. Swimming progress


  1. Longer distance runs (up to 8-10 miles)
  2. More hills and speedwork during the running to get to 60-minute 10k target by end of May
  3. More road cycling
  4. More of everything