On Sunday I will take part in my second Sprint Triathlon and my first in Open water. It’s slightly longer than my last one, the definition for ‘Sprint’ is not set in stone. The Swim goes from 400m to 750m, the bike ride from 20k to 24k and the run remains as-is at 5k.

I am a little nervous about the Open Water element, but I am not nearly as nervous as my first Triathlon. I am not planning on setting any records, I am once again in the position where based on last years results I could very well come in last. So be it.

Below is my training schedule for this week and in brackets is the figure this is above the required distance:

  • Monday: Run 10k Race (over-distance by 50%)
  • Tuesday: Swim 1000m (over-distance by 33%)
  • Wednesday: Bike 32k (over distance by 33%)
  • Thursday: Run 7.5k (over distance by 25%)
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: Race

On each element, I am going over the required distance by a fair margin.

Depending on how ‘well’ I do I am toying with the idea of entering PACTRAC’s ‘Standard Distance Triathlon’ which is just over Olympic Distance on Sunday 9th July.

  • Swim 1646 metres
  • Cycle 27 miles
  • Run 6.3 miles

I am doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride in June so will have trained way over the cycling element. I probably need to be at 10 miles in terms of running and 2k for swimming. Simples!