Given my (er!) vast experience of Triathlon and Open Water Swimming of 1 time. I thought I would find out how best to dry and pack the Triathlon Wetsuit after use.

I went on Wednesday to my first Open Water swim (read here) and we have uncharacteristically good weather. 25 degrees centigrade plus so I have been able to dry my suit out on an especially designed drying tool (drying it inside and outside).

Special Wetsuit Drying Rack

Now that it is dry there are two options.

  1. Hang it up using a very wide hanger (and/or a hanger with foam) to maintain the shape
  2. Fold and pack away

Option 1 isn’t an option for me so Option 2 it is. Looking around on the interweb has led me to the following steps to safely pack your beauty away

1. Lay face down


2. Fold legs up around knees (had to guess where ‘knee’ was


3. Criss-cross fold the arms


4. Fold the entire suit in half


5. Store in a bag