Amazing write up of the Outlaw Half by an Asthma Athlete.

One day I would like to try the Outlaw Half

Swim, Sweat and Gears

Last time I was at Outlaw was July last year where I lost the use of my lungs whilst having my first asthma attack. It took me nearly 16 hours to complete the 140miles. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma.

I went back to Nottingham this weekend as a wheezy old woman ( asthmatic & new 50+age group) for my come back to triathlon race. My aim was to finish, enjoy the event and put to rest the memories of how tough last summer was and how I struggled to breath.

Spoiler – I finished πŸ˜€πŸ A tough race due to being blind in swim, rough roads & windy on bike then the sun making an appearance on the run. My lungs held out to mile 8 of the run then needed assistance from Ventolin inhaler. This was only 70.3 miles how will I ever…

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