I entered my first Open Water Triathlon off the back of my first Pool based Triathlon. Feeling good and with 5 whole weeks to improve as a swimmer I was quick to sign up. I had heard good things about this event, and it is within 10 minutes drive of my house.

However as I get the closer I get to the date, the more worried I become. I have never swam in open water of any kind. Maybe it would have been sensible for go for a few open water sessions before signing up but that’s too intelligent for me.

Put simply … I am … scared. I had only swam 50 metres without stopping. I have never swam long distances. I have been putting in 600-800m sessions in a pool but with stops at each end and safe in the knowledge that I will not drown. All of those safety nets are gone and I did not feel myself as strong enough as a swimmer.

A few people suggested going into a pool and trying to hammer out a good distance without touching the floor or sides. I managed 1000m. Yep 1 kilometre. It was slow, but I did it.

I began to feel a bit better about swimming, but the dread is still there. Hopefully next week will be my first open water swim session and things will get easier. I hope.