My confidence with running flicks between good and bad. There isn’t a prolonged time where I think I am pretty good or pretty poor at it. I go through phases where I think I am doing well (normally either quicker or further) and when I think I am doing badly (injuries, slow etc).

I seldom appreciate where I am on the full scale, only where I am in relation to my next few goals.

So despite running my third fastest 10k, and some good sprints and intervals my confidence was pretty low. I hadn’t run anything over 7k without having to stop. Often going way too fast and having to walk.

Today’s run was different, I set myself an aim. I will stick to 165 beats per minute and not look at pace. I will run 10k without pause only allowing the last 0.24 miles free of the effort-constraint.

165 beats per minute is my sweet spot for running, I have maintained 165 beats per minute for training runs up to 14 miles. What 165 bpm relates to in minutes per mile varies.

Today as I approached the 10k point I looked down at the total time and slightly disappointed in that it was around 70 minutes. Even though I had just completed my aim and built up some much-needed confidence I was still a little disappointed.

It doesn’t make sense to me either.