Today I swam 1km. That’s 1000 metres or 40 lengths of my 25 metre pool. That’s 200 metres more than my previous furthest distance. To compound the stress I tried to reduce the pauses at the end of each length to a minimum.

The first 400m were Front Crawl, there was another guy in the pool swimming at the same pace. I completed the set in 15 minutes 48 seconds. I then switched to Breast Stroke and instantly I had all the time in the world. I comfortably completed the 400 metres in 13 minutes 8 seconds.

Yes I am much faster on Breast Stroke than Front Crawl but the main thing is that I did it. I finshed off with 200 metres flicking between the two.

About 15 years ago I broke my left elbow. It doesn’t really cause me any problems, maybe once or twice a year it will make it’s presence known to remind me I am not as young as I used to be. I mention it because since the swim it’s been very sore and painful.

I do hope it’s a passing thing as it’s really uncomfortable. I have decided not to do the strength training today. Let’s see how it is tomorrow.