A mixed bag, generally the same number of activities but the distance dropped due to week long holiday and 2 events. Headline figures below:

13 runs (32 miles) up 3 runs and down 18 miles

6 cycle rides (42 miles) down 2 rides up 2 rides and 40 miles

7 swims (3800 yds) up 5 swims  and 1400 yards



In terms of running, the purple patch of March finished leaving me returning to the usual ‘not good enough’ thoughts. The calf siezed during the Southwell Triathlon and I struggled to recover following the Langtoft 10k. No PB’s were broken. I have lost all my distance running ability.

I did very little cycling, concentrating on brick sessions so cycling to the leisure centre and back. I do feel I haven’t been keeping on top of things since the Rutland Sportive. That being said I did well in the Southwell Triathlon cycling leg.

Swimming is going well. Breaststroke is comfortable and reasonably quick, I set a couple of 400m PB’s and also increased my distance to 800m. Front crawl is progressing too.



Calf seized during the Southwell Sprint Triathlon causing me to ease off, and been a little niggly since.




1. Becoming a Triathlete with a good performance

2. Swimming progress




  1. Longer distance runs (up to 8-10 miles)
  2. More hills and speedwork during the running to get to 60-minute 10k target by end of May
  3. More road cycling
  4. More of everything