Swimming front crawl has always eluded me. I got to a stage where I could do some lengths but had to concentrate on breaststroke as I had my triathlon coming up.

Today, I really wanted to concentrate on the front crawl. The pool was busy and there was a few people in the lane including a burly chap who was breaststroking.

I was able to comfortably keep up using my front crawl. At the end of each length I would give him a 10 metre head start and gradually catch up. This had the benefit of giving me a few seconds rest at each end.
Soon I had completed my first front crawl 400m set in just under 16 minutes. By now I was getting tired so mixed up breaststroke and front crawl for another 400m
I might be jumping the gun but I think I’m there. I just need to increase my endurance but otherwise I think I know how to front crawl.