Facebook popped up with a memory from 27th April 2015. In the spirit of Throw Back Thursday I thought I would share it.


15 things I learnt from my marathon experience.
1. A Half Marathon is not equivilant to Half of a Full Marathon. It’s probably about a third.

2. The people who stand at the side handing out Jelly Babies are my heroes.

3. Having your name on your shirt leads to hundreds of people to cheer for you.

4. Parts of South London are not aestically pleasing.

5. It’s something special running around Cutty Sark.

6. Ditto Tower Bridge.

7. That point where you are at 12 miles and people on the other side at on 22 is a little depressing.

8. Smile for the Camera’s.

9. You get the same medal as Paul Radcliffe regardless of what time you finish.

10. People in strange fancy-dress stick out in the memory.

11. Your mind plays tricks on you.

12. There is at least 1 McDonalds, 1 KFC and 1 Nandos on the Marathon route.

13. When it comes to toilets, it better to be a man than a woman.

14. The music put on by the Organisers is pretty good – I especially enjoyed the martial-arts drummers.

15. No feeling can describe the moment you turn the corner and see the finish line.