So here I am on the eve of my first (Sprint) Triathlon. It’s taken a while and I thought it would be good to recap.


I first got the idea of doing a Triathlon about a year ago. Only issue was swimming. It’s taken a long time and lots of money on swimming lessons to get to a state where I can do 400m breaststroke. Yep, I am doing to breaststroke. I can’t front crawl very well and so for this one I am going for what works.

The cycling has been stop-start, but a real confidence maker was the 2017 Rutland Sportive Race Report that I did. I know I can do the distance and at a reasonable pace.

I am a little nervous about transitions etc but I am going to try and enjoy it.

my triathlon box, packed and ready to go


Special Thanks:

I would like to thank @magnacarter and @zoeforman who have offered me lots of advice and encouragement.