So after much searching, I have decided on my final kit list for the Triathlon. The main concern is the weather between 08:00 and 10:00 (my predicted race times)

It should be dry, very slight breeze, and no rain.

Based on the above …


Reasons for kit:

  • I am going to skip my full size Gore Running Jacket and will use my Bike Gilet instead.
  • I don’t often ride with gloves or glasses so will miss those out too.
  • The buff is a must, my comfort blanket
  • Two cheap towels, one for the floor one for me to dab-dry
  • Cheap plastic book that I am going to buy today
  • I am going to do both the run and bike elements in my run shoes
  • I am going to use a Triathlon Running Belt to hold the race number and turn as needed


It’s starting to get real …


Please let me know what you think, is this enough? too much?