I pre-registered a while back for the London Landmarks Half Marathon. A new race slated for 2018. I signed up to be informed of when entries will open and got the email through telling me that entries will be first come first served.


So at 09:30, I am on my PC ready to enter when this happened.



What? how can this be possible. It’s 09:34 and it’s On Hold. What does that even mean? Twitter was going crazy with other people having the same problem and interestingly enough some people being able to successfully register. I was told to persist.

Pressing F5 like a man possessed I got the form to enter a few times and on each occasion an ‘Ooops’ error. Once again it seemed Twitter was filled with people having the same problem. Eventually on the 8th occasion of entering my personal details, emergency contacts, No I don’t want extras, it worked.


A few minutes later all 10,000 spaces had sold out. Ten thousand people signed up and many more were unsuccessful. It seems that we can’t get enough of Central London races.

The whole thing is a bit of a shambles and I feel sorry for those who failed to sign up. I hope the race itself is better organised than the entry system


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