Following on from my first my last blog

I skipped a run at the weekend. It was cold and miserable, and Easter. So rather than running I ate chocolate. Hardly a fair trade but one that I enjoyed.

My run on Monday was a good one. I had initially intended to stick to around 165 bpm but decided mid-run to just run and see how it goes. The result was a 30:19 5k. If I am being honest, speed matters. There is a difference between running and jogging. I can run/jog a 5k in 35 minutes and find it relatively easy or I could try and run at 30 minute pace and really struggle. For too long I haven’t seen the times on my longer runs come down. I am roughly the same speed as I was 18 months ago. I want to see more sub-10 minute miles.

The highlight was the ‘Brick’ session yesterday, I say brick loosely as it takes about 5-10 minutes between activities getting changed locking/unlocking the bike. Waiting in a queue of 6 people with 1 person serving to pay the extorniate £5.25 per swim session. The pool itself was empty. 8 lanes 25 metres and only about 5-6 people to contend with. After a quick warm up I started doing my breaststroke lengths.

This was also the first time I tried my Zone 3 Triathlon suit. I covered myself with shorts and a cycling gilet but I still felt like a plank. Especially getting into a pool with a ‘swimming costume’. It was comfortable though, I didn’t really notice any issues on the swim or bike. I did find putting socks on really tough.


This is not flattering

I have noticed that my speed doesn’t really change between when ‘I am really trying’ and ‘When I taking it easier’ – I am sure this is to do with being relaxed and streamlined and all that goodness but for me it’s a little annoying. In any event I did 800m which is my longest ever session. The first 400m (trying really hard) was 11:20 a new PB. and the second 400m (taking it really easy) was 12:30. I am very pleased with those times. This holds me in good stead for the Tallington Lakes Triathlon which has a 750m lake swim.

Today is a rest day and one more tricky session to navigate. Club run Hillwork tomorrow and I am done. Two taking it easy days and then the Triathlon. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.