March marks a drop in swimming due to a skin infection. Headline figures below:

10 runs (50 miles) up 1 run and 4 miles

8 cycle rides (85 miles) up 2 rides and 40 miles

2 swims (1400 yds) down 2 swims and 600 yards


In terms of running, the highlight wasn’t the Cambridge Half Marathon. I was a little nervous ahead of the Half and although first 10-11 miles were good, I struggled towards the end and ended up run/walking the last 2 miles. The highlight is in fact the last 2 weeks of the month where I seem to have entered a ‘Purple Patch’. Confidence is high, I am feeling stronger and running faster. I am probably in decent 5k/10k PB shape right now. Long may it last.

My favorite session of March was the Cycling Sportive, I loved it. The distance was fine despite being a significant step up in total distance – and I felt strong towards the end. I am keen to see how my Zwifting has affected my real-world cycling times in my (semi) regular Cranfield Loop. I have also enjoyed cycling on my Hybrid Bike and it’s nice to be able to have different types of cycle rides.

Swimming started well but a skin infection has meant that I haven’t been able to get into the pool much. Now that I have finished antibiotics I am hopeful to spend some more time swimming.

Overall this is a positive month.


None (touch wood) although legs and body are sore from last two runs especially the Trim Trail

10 days of swimming (7 day antibiotics)


1. Running ‘Purple Patch’

2. Rutland Sportive

3. Cambridge Half Marathon


An ease-off week next week, with only a few activities planned.

Next month will hopefully bring the first 10k of the season as well my first triathlon ever! The Peterborough Green Wheel is still on the horizon.