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For as long as I could remember I have secretly wanted something ‘Gore’. In the early days most of my kit was from Sports Direct including my running jacket. I have heard praise from the Windstopper special fabrics that other retailers can not match. My existing running jackets are pretty poor at being both breathable, windproof and waterproof. All roads would lead back to Gore Running Wear.

Gore jackets are ridicously expensive, in my opinion I would never pay £100 for a running jacket unless it was made out of gold or once belonged to Mo Farah. Probably not even then. Luckily using my favourite site I was able to source one for £43 (it’s currently back up to £90)

What does it do?:

Looking closer to a formal shirt, this soft shell jacket is designed to be worn with a single base layer and promises to be Windproof, breathable, and critically waterproof.

It also includes features
Both zipped and non-zipped pockets
High Visibility flashes on arms, back, and collar
Magnetic Fastening collar

YouTube link to Product Features

How does it perform:

In a word ‘Amazing’. On my first run I was subject to the full spectrum of British weather: Sun, Rain, Wind, and even Hail. The rain just beaded straight off, the wind was blocked superbly and at the end of the run next to nothing had made it through to the inside. There was a little bit of dampness around the inside of the unzipped pocket. It had passed with flying colours.

On the second run, I took it for a night time run. There are some reflective flashes but I would say in general it’s pretty poor. The high vis flashes are too small to be seen as is the reflective strip. The folding magnetic collar is useless. I would not recommend this jacket in the dark without additional lighting.

Useless magnetic collar

The jacket is machine washable at 30 degrees, although there is conflicting information whether it’s safe to Tumble Dry if the dryer has a ‘Sports’ setting. I’m going to err on the side of caution and let it naturally dry.



A superb jacket that delivers on core features of lightweight, windstopping, and water resistant.