Over the course of the last week I have helped set up a Run Together Group.  If you do not know what one is then I suggest you have a look at RunTogether.

It is essentially a scheme setup by EnglandAthletics to help get more people into running. There are three main categories which loosely follow the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced groups found in many running clubs.

The key difference being you do not need to formally join a Running Club and most sessions (like my Groups) are free.

You are given a website builder which helps set up your space and even allows you to create a few off-piste web page too. Together with a free gmail account we are ready.

As a Runner, you register (either using their own system or via Social Media accounts) and click on any sessions you want to attend. The Run Leaders take a register at the start of each session for insurance purposes.

We are all hopeful that this can be a success and continue to grow.