I bought my Tacx Smart Flow (T2240) turbo trainer 2 months ago from halfords and have covered approximately 50 miles in it. A couple of rides ago I had noticed a strange noise. Upon inspection I noticed that the housing unit for the main roller had a small gap in it, I pushed it together and the noise went away.

Two weeks later I did my longest Zwift ride of 21 miles and at 16 miles the noise returned and stayed for the rest of the ride. Some searching on Google had shown that this is a common problem. Lots of trainers especially Tacx trainers fail.

I took mine back to Halfords (minus the box and receipt) and they took it back no questions. They did not have another in stock so asked me to come back on Monday. I duly went on Monday, hung around 30 minutes to collect my item to be told that they can’t find it and to come back on Wednesday.

To say I was annoyed was an understatement. I always find Halfords like this, you are hanging around for ages for someone to come and help you and when they do – often they can’t be less interested if they tried.

Went back on Wednesday and was told to wait while they locate it …. grrr …. a few minutes later I have my replacement turbo trainer boxed and ready to go. Hope I have better luck with this one.