A few days ago I took part in my first sportive the Startline Rutland Sportive. I wasn’t expecting much, but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than the first run I did, in fact I enjoyed it more than most runs I have done.

This is a problem as up until now Cycling has been my “side dish” to my Running “main course”. What happens when you enjoy the side dish more than the main course?

I enjoyed the newness of it all, I enjoyed the friendliness of ‘some’, but mainly I enjoyed the cakes and cup of tea at the half way point.

As it stands my next race is in 6 weeks time. The Southwell Sprint Triathlon. My next cycling event following this is the BHF London to Brighton in June. After which I do not have any cycling events.

The organiser of my first sportive has another similar event in July. Meet the Startline Sportive Leicestershire. Once again with two distances 38 miles or 59 miles.

I contacted the event organiser and he has said that it is no problem switching on the day from the longer distance to the shorter distance if I need to.

Sign me up.