I have been trying to front crawl since last June. See earlier posts Part 1 and Part 2

In that time my breaststroke has progressed but my front crawl is still pretty poor. I have been tried group lessons, 1-2-1 lessons, swimming alone, and YouTube and none have really helped all that much. My limit is still 1 (25 metre) length before needing to pause.

I did try and see if I could use a centre-snorkel in two of the local swimming pools with the aim of taking the breathing out of the equation and just focusing on technique, I was told “no” by both.

Centre Snorkel’s  not allowed in Swimming Pools 😦


In the end I have been just been trying over and over again, using YouTube and the tinternet (sic) to learn and today was a bit of a milestone.

For the first time (ever) I have been able to do multiple lengths without feeling like I was going to pass out. I was alternating between breaststroke and front crawl and was able to do about 600 metres. I would pause for 5-10 seconds after the front crawl element.

Gradually the technique was getting better, it’s still pretty poor – as a comparison my breaststroke length is approx 30 seconds and my front crawl length is about 45 seconds but it’s progress.

I have my cycling sportive on Saturday so it will be next week before I get back in the pool but right now I am on cloud nine.