February marks a drop due to illness. Headline figures below:

9 runs (46 miles) down 3 runs and 14 miles
6 cycle rides (45 miles) equals previous month
4 swims (2000 yds) up 1 swim and 700 yards


In terms of running, the highlight (and lowlight) was a 13.1 mile run. Unfortunately I had gone too far too soon and led to a occurrence of the shin pain for a number of days. Fortunately this is held up by good 8 mile runs. Add to that the taper for Cambridge I am satisfied with the running totals.

Cycling has proven better, I did my longest cycle ride on Zwift of 21 miles and feel in reasonable condition to take on the Rutland Sportive next Saturday. I would have liked to have done more training on the bike but couldn’t jeopardise Cambridge.

Swimming has been a mixed bag, on the Breaststroke front I am getting better and was able to dip under 12 minutes for 400m but for the front crawl it remains a struggle. I have been going twice a week and generally enjoying my swims.





Niggle become more of an issue after the 13.1 mile run but other than those few days I have been able to manage it.



1. 13.1 Mile Run

2. 21 Mile Zwift Cycling Session

3. (Virtually) doing Box Hill twice




Start of race season, Cambridge Half on Sunday followed by Rutland Sportive on Saturday. It all depends on how I recover from those events. I need to extend my swimming distances and am making plans to cycle the Peterborough Green Wheel