So I have finished my training for the Cambridge Half and it has been disrupted in the past week with illness. I woke up on Saturday not feeling particularly well, and it’s not really shifted. It’s not bad, on a Man Flu scale it would be a 3/10. I have not taken anything for it, just cut waaaay back on the exercises.


My week of training has looked like this:

Monday: Brick Session 5K Bike, 5K Run, 5K Bike

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday:  2 Miles Threshold @10:50 mins/mile

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Cambridge Half Marathon!


The Monday run was originally going to be 4-5 miles but changed that to a Brick session thinking it will be less taxing on the body. As it turned out it was pretty tough. Today I will do a 2 mile “keep legs moving” run.

In terms of raw preparation i.e. miles clocked up, this is one of my best but my pace is slower than in previous runs.

I am struggling with deciding what pace to do at the Cambridge Half, my running partner has pulled out from Injury and we are originally going to start with the 2:30 Pacer and take it from there. A lot of people from work are doing it, and there is someone else around a similar pace albeit slightly quicker that I am likely to run with. It does mean running between 10:45 and 11:15 min/miles. I am worried after my Peterborough Half experience of nearly collapsing after the run.

Ultimately I will have to see how I feel on the day, if I need to slow down I will. In the past I have peaked for events and almost always dropped off following the event, I really want to be able to keep at 10 miles+ and plan to do it every 2-3 weeks so I am not losing too much fitness.

I will running with my inhaler too.