Sunday was an exciting day for me. For the third time in my (late)-thirty years, I was picking up my new bike. The Giant Roam 3 from Rutland Cycling in Peterborough.

I am not a fan of cycle shops, I find them snobbish. I recall 2 years ago I went to Evans Cycles and stated that I was looking for Road Bike at the budget end of the spectrum. What I got was a general grunt and pointed to where the cheaper bikes where. Being a complete novice I asked for some advice to differentiate between the bikes and I got a feature list. “This one is Claris and this one is Sora, and this one is Microshift mixture” and he returned to his position. I asked for some more help about sizing but it was clear it was a losing battle. I left.

In the half dozen times I have been to cycle shops including my local (family run and friendly) bike shop I have left with the same feeling of being looked down on.

This time wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t particularly great either. I went in and had a look around at some of the super expensive bikes that cost a similar amount to my car. I then handed my receipt in for collection. Most of the bikes were over £1000, and in fact my £270 bike was only a few under £500. Cycling is an expensive pastime.

They brought the bike out and told me it’s good to go. I asked if all the gears etc were good and was assured they were. I then left the shop and tried them in the car park and was getting plenty of chain rub so had to go back in to get them adjusted. I was disappointed by this. Maybe I am being harsh but the bike went through a PDI, and it wasn’t right.

I tested the bike out properly the next day and have to say I love it, it’s a lot better than my old bike. The shifting is nice and smooth, brakes seem weaker but overall I am very pleased

Meanwhile by old bike has gone to the screapheap in the sky.