In my last post I mentioned that the previously faultless Zwift had started crashing. I mentioned it on Twitter and was advised to raise a support call. The summary was that my laptop was under-powered and therefore not supported. However I have been able to get it working with even lower hardware.

I have a Intel NUC N2820 which sits in the living room as adds “smart” functionality to the TV. It runs Windows 7. It looks like this:


It’s specs are (a very modest):

  • Intel Celeron processor N2820@2.4GHz (CPU Passmark  941)
  • 4GB of Memory (although this can be raised to 8GB)
  • 60 GB 1st-gen SSD
  • Intel HD graphics Bay-trail (3DMark: Fire Strike: 0; Cloud Gate: 1074; Ice Storm: 13313)


As you can see it’s performance is way under the recommended value but it works fine. Albeit with slightly lower resolution. The only slow down was when an organised race flew past me, hundreds of riders on screen led to some jerkiness.

I am perfectly satisfied with it’s performance and will continue to use it. The King is dead, Long live the King!

Incidentally I did my longest ride to date: 21 miles in 1 hr 20 mins which included a (simulated) ride to the top of Box Hill.