Nothing in this world is free, and getting fit is a big business. This post will provide a guide to what costs you can expect per swim, run, cycle.

I am not including costs for showers or travel to/from location.


Equipment Needed

  • None


Kit Needed

  • Swimming Shorts/Costume – £15
  • Goggles – £10 (from Decathlon)
  • Anti-Fog Spray – £5 (from Amazon)
  • Towel – £5 (from anywhere)
  • Wet Kit Bag – £5 (from Decathlon)
  • Bag –  £5 (from Decathlon)


Initial Cost


Session Cost


All based on my local pool

  • £3.75 per swim off-peak (lunchtime session)
  • £4.25 per swim peak (evening, weekends)

My local pool has refundable lockers


Breakdown of costs:

I already had swimming shorts which are probably 5-10 years old and they are fine.

Most of the kit required does not wear, so let’s say is good for 100 swims.

The anti-fog spray is optional but makes a huge difference, and is good for 50 swims.

  • Shorts – 15p per session
  • Goggles – 10p per session
  • Towel and bags – 15p per session
  • Anti-fog spray – 10p per session





Swimming is normally the event that people think costs the most, and is the least accessible but strictly speaking from a costs point of view it is relatively cheap.

Even using a peak swim the total session cost is £4.75 per session.