Nothing in this world is free, and getting fit is a big business. This post will provide a guide to what costs you can expect per swim, run, cycle.

I am not including costs for showers or travel to/from location.


Equipment Needed



Kit Needed

You don’t strictly need all of the below items and you can reuse what you already have and things become even cheaper, but the below will allow you to run in (almost) all situations.

  • Running shoes – £115 (from local running store)
  • Baselayer – £15 (from Amazon)
  • Top – £20 (from Addidas)
  • Shorts – £15 (from Addidas)
  • Running Jacket – £10 (from Sports Direct)
  • Tights – £10 (from Sports Direct)
  • Socks – £10 (from Amazon)
  • Buff  – £15 (from Amazon)
  • Hat – £10 (from Decathlon)
  • Gloves – £10 (from Decathlon)
  • Bag – £5 (from Decathlon)


Initial Cost

  • None


Session Cost


  • None


Breakdown of costs:


Running shoes are typically good for 12 months or 500 miles. My usage is lower than this before they start to disintegrate. I get approx 85 runs before I replace mine. £1.35 per run.

The clothing items I am putting a blanket 75 uses, some items are slightly more and some slightly less. I wash my kit and then tumble dry so I do expect my kit is slightly more short-lived than others. £1.20 per run (assuming I am using 75% of the kit at any one time)



Running is one of the most accessible, you can use whatever you already have and start running. The biggest initial cost is the running shoes and this is one area where it is recommended to get something suitable.

The rest of the kit can be whatever you already have, and there is significant sales/discounts always available.


Total cost for each session (run) is £2.55