In my last post a week ago, I mentioned that I have been struggling to manage a shin splints niggle.  My plan was originally this:

Part 3 – Push to race distance

06/02 12 Miles
13/02 13.1 Miles

Given the shin splints issue, I skipped the long run to give my body time to recover.  My long remains 13.1 Miles on the 06/02.


I have been able to get some good training in.

Monday: 3.1 Miles Threshold @10.36 mins/mile

Tuesday: Swimming 400metres PB

Wednesday:  6.2 Miles Easy @12:30 mins/mile

Thursday: Rest day

Friday:  Cycle 11 Bikes @16 mph

Saturday: 4 Miles Steady @11 mins/mile

Sunday: Rest Day


The shin splints have been manageable. I get some discomfort but by scaling back the intensity and duration they are feeling a lot better. Under ideal circumstances I should rest until healed but that’s not going to happen.

I have a half in two weeks time and I plan to complete that race under 2:30 hours. Given that I am in the final two weeks I am at a stage where no training will actually the race. All I can do is keep everything loose and relaxed and rest a little more.

I will do either 6.2 miles to 8 miles on Monday, and from then on will keep distances shorter.

I am quite excited to return to Cambridge. I plan to enjoy the run.