I have never taken part in a Cycle Ride let alone one that starts 100+miles from my house. So planning has required some extra time. The event starts in Clapham Common in south London.

If you have done this event before I would love to hear how you did it.

This is the checklist that BHF suggest



My current plan is this:

Part 1: Getting to London

Train from Peterborough to Kings Cross with a Cycle reservation. Tickets are available 12 weeks before the date, so I plan to book up. According to train operator they only have 3 guaranteed spaces per train.

I will travel down with a small rucksack with everything I need.


Part 2: Getting to Hotel

I am going to stay over the night before, and have found a hotel in Wimbledon that will let me keep my bike in the room.

I might try and find one a little closer to Clapham as it currently will take an hour



Part 3: Getting from Hotel to Start line

I didn’t want to be too far from the stat line and the hotel I have selected is less than 20 minutes ride.




Part 4: The event itself

This should take me from Clapham to Brighton!


Part 5: Brighton back to London

Normally I would look to jump on the train back but it appears that South Western Trains have suspended all bikes. Boo hoo. So it will using the BHF coach service, which should get be back by 10pm



Part 6: Home

Haven’t worked this part out yet. I might stay an extra night in London, or even in Brighton.