I have been fairly positive in my Zwift comments so far, but as with most things. It couldn’t last forever.

Over the past month, every ride I have taken (albeit only 4) Zwift has either crashed during start up (grrr), during the activity (double grrr), or at the end of an activity losing the activity completely (triple grrr).

I am unsure which crash is best, the start up one is especially painful. It reminds me of my PlayStation 3 which used to force updates for 10-15 minutes before playing any game. During this I resort to sitting on the floor cursing while fully warmed up and ready to go.

The crashing during is painful because it takes about 10 minutes for the PC to recover and restart, or the final where I am resorting to taking pictures using my phone in case I have to manually log my ride.

Here is what has happened:

About a month ago Zwift forced an update to 1.039 and the problems started.

I use a Dell 6220 laptop (which has an Intel i5-2520m with Intel HD 3000 graphics) running Windows 7. Given how old Windows 7 is and the fact that is a free upgrade to Windows 10. I upgraded thinking it will cure my problems.

The problems persisted on Windows 10, in fact it’s made worse by the fact that Intel doesn’t support Windows 10 on my laptop.

I raised a support call with Zwift, who were very quick in replying – unfortunately they stated that as my machine falls below the minimum spec it is not supported and maybe I would like to buy a new laptop.

They asked for the logs which out of interest are stored in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder

For clarity this is the minimum requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 x64 bit, OSX 10.8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5 
  • Hard Drive: 4GB of free space

My laptop has an Intel HD 3000 chip which clearly is less than 4000. However I did state that it DID work fine, and now it doesn’t. In either case they won’t help any further.

Since my discussion with them I have installed and tested Zwift using an even lower powered machine and it works. So it remains a mystery.

However, they are right. My machine falls below the minimum spec, so if I can’t fix it myself  I am going to have to decide to either get a new laptop OR try another cycling training app.