In my last post two weeks ago I highlighted my revised plan, below is how I stacked up against it:

Part 1 – Push – Initial push to increase distance:

05/01 6.2 Miles
09/01 8 Miles
16/01 9 Miles
23/01 10 Miles

All completed as planned with no injuries. I developed a niggle on my left shin and also left lower calf/achilles which was evident when I was reached down to pick something up from the floor. Nothing major. All training runs at a good heart rate/speed.


Part 2 – Easy week scaling back milage

30/01 8 Miles (also first run in new shoes, short runs have been in new shoes for 2 weeks)

This scaling back week was much needed, to help recover from the shin pain. I dropped a run and replaced it with a swim.


Part 3 – Push to race distance

06/02 12 Miles
13/02 13.1 Miles

This is where the plan became unhinged. I swapped them around so did the 13.1 miles on 06/02 but foolishly went a little too fast. Post here, silly run =  pain.  I dropped a run and replaced with a walk.

The pain disappeared on Saturday so went out for 17 minutes (yes 17)and I could feel the shin again.


I have 3 weeks until the Cambridge Half and will probably not get to do the 12 mile run. Which is ok, I have a 10.5 miler and a 13.1 miler. So I will probably do a 5k tomorrow (in about 35 mins) and see how the shin recovers and play it by ear.

As it stands I could be tapering from now!


I am a little disappointed that my body hasn’t held up. I didn’t go silly fast, and I get frustrated where I want to be able to run and not feel pain – but we are where we are. Got to think positive.