1. Give yourself extra time to find the pool

Which was just as well as I got lost and had to send a panicky message to their facebook page


2. 50 yards is a lot further than 25 metres.

I have only swam in a 25 metre pool. However the picture didn’t look so bad, it was.
Upon reaching the pool, it seemed to go on forever, think bowling alley. 6 lanes and long, long long long.


3. Body Shapes

Most of the Triathlon Club Members had chiselled physiques, I mean lean muscle and most of them didn’t have any fat on them at all. There were a few like myself (carrying the odd one or twenty pounds) but mostly they looked like pro’school

4. They train with props

Flippers, Pull Buoys, Kickboads the whole nine yards. I was told to put some flippers on and jump in and try and swim to the end


5. I can swim 50 yards front crawl

I was pretty bad, bad technique and the flippers helped balance me but I was still bad. The lane was busy, and while the people were friendly and encouraging I did the feeling that I was acting like a swimming road-block. I was asked to do lots of drills.

6. I can swim further than 600m

My typical swim is 400m and my longest is 600m, I did close to 900m and almost all of that was front crawl.


7. Shin Splints can affect swimming

My shins have been given me problems, my calfs were beginning to sieze between lengths. I switched to Breaststroke which helped.

8. It’s difficult to talk to someone when they are naked

Communal showers and no cubicles to get changed is not cool. They were also keen to encourage me and offer words of encouragement … but the only problem was they were naked in the shower/changing room while they were doing so.

9. I enjoyed it.

I could really see myself enjoying myself and improving there, but I would have to take the lessons away and practice on my own. The coach was great too.

10. I won’t be going back.
Logistically it just doesn’t work it’s an hour there, one hour session and hour back. 3 hours for a swim session isn’t family friendly 😦