“What do you call an overzealous runner? Injured!”

There are rules. Rules should be obeyed, they are their for our protection. I am a big advocate of sticking to rules (more or less). However sometimes you feel you need to try something out, see how far you can go and the result isn’t always desirable.

These are the facts leading up the my last run:

1. I know if I run at 160-163 bpm I recover significantly quicker than if I run at 165+

2. Whilst I have ran Half Marathon+ distances in the past, I have always “peaked” to achieve that, and never been able to full integrate it into my training plan.

3. I am getting better at managing the Energy Drain associated with a Long Run.

4. The last long run was 10.5 Miles, my “plan” would have seen me step up to 12 miles (which is a fairly common jump for Half Marathon plans)

5. I have a niggle on my left calf/shin

6. You shouldn’t (generally) change your training plan mid-run

7. I was planning on doing a 13.1 Mile run next week at 11:27 min/mile pace

I set out ok, but my heart rate instantly went up to 175. I put this down to nerves about the impending 2 hours+ of running that I was undertaking. To remain sensible I decided to walk for 30 seconds every 2.5 miles. All was going well up to 5 miles, when a (stupid) thought entered my mind. “Why not just push on and do the Half Marathon distance today?” There was a sense in the madness in that it meant next week I could take an easier 12 mile run and also I had over committments (kids) etc which meant today was a better day for a longer run.

The only problem was that I had started out too slowly, my first 10k was 1:12 ish (closer to 12 min/mile) which would mean that I would to go faster for the second half (negative split). Also I was struggling to keep my heart rate down, it kept increasing to around 180 bpm. So knowing all of the above, and realising fully that I should just either slow down and do 13.1 miles OR stick to my 12 mile original target. I did neither, I did the “Increase distance, and increase pace” thing that you should look to avoid.

The result was that at 13.1 (which was uphill) I stopped and sat on the kerb of a road. I was that exhausted. I stopped the clock at 2:28:58. Nearly 1700 calories expended and all with a single bottle of Lucozade Sport.

The result was my niggle is a larger niggle, I struggled to move around much yesterday, and even today it is very sore. My Garmin says I should need 41 hours to recover but I think I might need more. It’s clear I wasn’t ready for the increase, and have risked needing to drop other trainnig sessions to do this one.

So given all the above would I do it again? yes. There is no hope for me.