Disclaimer: I should point that the topics in this point are very fluid at the moment, and will hopefully result in a positive outcome. It is also my opinion (as I am the one writing it)

In my previous post I mentioned my running club and that there is a division between the different abilities … never has been this been more clear than the last 24 hours. To summarise, the club is mainly geared for the faster athletic types and a range of speed between 5-to-10 minute miles. It does not make any provision for anyone slower than this pace (presumably because in their minds anyone slower isn’t running and shouldn’t really be taking part). As a consequence a lot of members don’t go to the formal training and just run socially seperately.

I asked a membership question the gist of which being, if a social run was organised between members and outside of the normal club training schedule, and is often attended by one of the Coaches (in a friend capacity rather than formal coaching) is that still considered a club run, or a social run. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

You would have thought from the responses we had just asked to swap wives.

A fair bit of name calling from some of the faster runners and committee members, who actually didn’t know any of my group were members (which shows everything) with the general gist being we are being dishonest, abusing the club, and we should be grateful for those that donate their time to help run the club.

I think most run clubs consider themselves to be friendly and open to all abilities, but are they really?  One of the (more reasonable) comments was “Can’t we all just along?” and the issue comes down to it’s a one sided relationship, if you are a slower runner then don’t bother.

I was debating whether I should even post this, but I think things are better out in the open … the problems occur when there are secrets and things brushed under the covers.

The AGM is next month, should be fun.