January marks my best ever fitness month. Headline figures below:

12 runs (60 miles)
6 cycle rides (45 miles)
3 swims (1300 yds)


In terms of running, I am up to 10 miles on my Long Slow Run (11:30 pace) and have run a sub-30 minute 5K (29:47). Both figures are the targets that I would like to be able to do twice a month on a regular basis. The 10 miles I think I can, the sub-30 I would struggle with. That took a lot out of me.

60 miles of running makes it my second best month ever (1st was the one that contained a Marathon and I don’t really consider it a good comparison) – so in effect this was my best distance for a training month.

I have seen on ukrunchat tweets about people clocking in over 100 miles, I just can’t see how that’s possible to fit in.


Only item of note is the niggle on left shin/calf. The shin is a little sore afterwards and the calf is tight for a few days afterwards. I have increased my total exercise by a significant amount so maybe that’s the cause.

I am being careful.


1. 10 Mile Run
2. Sub-30 5K
3. Using Turbo Trainer (Zwift) for first time


A 12 and 13.1 Mile run in the next couple of weeks and then taking it a little easier

I also plan to build up my cycling up to 20 miles (currently 14)